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About Us

Dear Customers,
PITSCO is an affiliate of the College of Marine of Hai Phong. PITSCO’s headquarter and spacious facilities are adjacent to the Hai Phong Harbour, which is the biggest port in the North of Vietnam. 
The greatest asset of PITSCO is its team of experienced maritime teachers and professors, ship’s captains, chief engineers, skilled technicians. During the last 20 years, PITSCO has been a recognized pioneer in specialized training in such fields as shipbuilding, ship repair, ship control, ship engine etc. PITSCO-trained engineers and technicians are working in shipyards and plants in Vietnam while most of PITSCO-trained seafarers are manning Vietnamese ships and/or operating on board of many ships under other nations’ flag.
The success in training and providing trained staff to shipping industries also includes the good network of personnel in the industries and their feedback to PITSCO about the industries and the development of relevant technologies. And this has become a big advantage for PITSCO.
Thanks to all of these, the management of PITSCO has decided several years before to broaden its areas of operation to cover also ship building and repair. PITSCO’s and PITSCO-network plants now have established business with clients around the world, i.e., England, Italy, France, Norway, Japan, Greece... And PITSCO is grateful that it has never failed any contract with any client. 

Main Business Activities:
•    Ship repair
•    Ship services
•    Spare parts supply
Our Objectives are:

•    To meet the needs of our customers and ensure timely handover of products. The motto of PITSCO is: Customer's satisfaction is the key to the Company’s sustainable development.
•    To improve constantly the quality of PITSCO’s products and services.
•    To make sure that we offer reasonable prices.