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* Syncrolift system L x B : 224m x 35m , Lifting capacity up to 28,000 Tons for docking Vessel up to 70,000 DWT; Lift up/ lift down speed : 180mm/ min.




* Floating Dock L x B x D: 140m x 42m x 13,6m for docking vessel up to 30,000 DWT 


* Dry-Dock L x B x D : 380m x 85m x 14m for docking vessel up to 450,000DWT with 350Tons Crane and Power supply system


* Outfitting berth No.1 : L = 300m


* Outfitting berth No.2 : L = 300m


* Safety anchor/ buoys : 04 for vessel from 10,000 to 70,000 DWT



* End-launching slipway
(L x B = 330m x 48m) for new building ship up to 70,000DWT x 1


* End-launching slipway
(L x B = 310m x 46m) for new building ship up to 50,000DWT x 2


* End-launching slipway
(L x B = 210m x 28m)  for new building ship up to 30,000DWT x 3


* At the same time 06-07 vessel to be repaired / docked


* Tugboats for berthing/ un berthing – Capacity 650cv /1,200cv/ 2,000 cv/ 5,600cv